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Large companies have used Fuel Factor X (FFX) for over 25 years to improve fuel economy, prolong engine life, and reduce harmful emissions, and for the first time ever this additive is available to the general public. Just in time to counter record-high fuel prices. The best part is that we've achieved exclusivity for this life-changing product.

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More about Fuel Factor X...

FFX is a fuel treatment designed to boost motor performance — including boats, trucks, TVs, cars, and ATVs that use a gas or diesel engine. It powers up your vehicle, making it more fuel-efficient. With this innovative product on your side, you can drive longer distances on less fuel, letting you save massive amounts and lessoning your carbon footprint.

This wonder product can boost fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by 30%. Award-winning chemistry — and thousands of tests — can back this claim.

Exclusively available at MyDailyChoice, you can now get this product as single-use foil packets or four-ounce bottles.

Below are some of the common questions consumers ask about FFX.

Does FFX Affect Warranties?

Absolutely not. FFX doesn't change the fuel's specs, so it doesn't affect warranties. Plus, MyDailyChoice maintains insurance for claims from using this treatment.

Will FFX Cause My Engine To Malfunction?

No, it will not. Scientists tested this fluid to ensure complete compliance with performance criteria from standards associations, like the American Society of Technology and Materials (ASTM).

What Can You Expect From Using FFX?

FFX will reduce solids, water, rust, and corrosion in your engine. This feature enhances the functionality of your valves, pistons, rings, and cylinders, leaving nothing but enhanced performance and reduced carbon build-up.

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